Atuh Beach Nusa Penida is one of the beaches that is often visited, with its charm able to attract local and foreign tourists. No wonder this place is always crowded in the holiday season and on normal days.

This white sand beach has a beautiful landscape, even its beauty is often compared to Raja Ampat Papua which is known to have beautiful small islands.

Given the atuh beach that faces east, from the top of the cliff, there will be a view of the rising sun that fascinates anyone to see it when visited in the morning. The view from the top of the cliff Atuh beach is also very interesting. It’s like seeing a brontosaurus neck that is craning its neck into the ocean.

The existence of shrub plants On the cliffs shows the contrast of the river with the blue ocean waves.

Atuh beach is located in the village of foresters adjacent to Sampalan village, the capital of Nusa Penida sub-district. Or approximately 13 km from the beach atuh. To be able to land your feet on the beach, it takes about 30 minutes. Are you curious to capture your selfies? To make it easier for you to explore Nusa Penida, we provide Ekatournusapenida at a friendly price.
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