To make a reservation at the Nusa Penida tour is very easy. Please follow the steps below :

1. Choose our tour package that suits your budget

2. Please fill in the order form or contact us via SMS, Mobile / Whatsapp, Line, email and wait for the next confirmation, with the following format:

* Name:

* Address / City:

* HP / WA:

* Email:

* Package options:

* Tour Date:

* Number of Booking :

Or you can fill this form


3. After getting confirmation of availability from us, please make a payment to our bank account for half or full of the package price as a sign, for the rest can be paid when arrived at Nusa Penida to one of our teams who handle it.

Bank : BRI
No rekening : 474501016316530
Bank BRI Kode : 002

4. After making a payment in our bank account, please confirm and send a photo of proof of payment via whatsApp, line, Email.

5. Reservations are complete.